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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Are You a Human Resource

Did you ever ask yourself a question about life? What is the meaning of the life? You get confused and get a headache. You start thinking about God, the universe, all the people on the earth and how you fit in. But the reality is much worse. What if you are just Human Resource, flesh robot that works for large corporations? This extremely provocative documentary titled...
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Ancient Secret Knowledge Hidden by Illuminati

What if our history that we learn in schools is fake? What if everything we know about the human race is wrong? There are many questions. Some of the questions have answers, but many of them don't have. Adam and Eve, Noah, God, Jesus, Allah, Mohamed, what if all of this is wrongly interpreted? Are you ready to see a different story? Do you even care?...
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Bacteria in Your Body

When you hear a word bacteria, you link it to something bad. Mainstream media made bacteria word evil. Just like a snake is an evil animal and many people fear or don't like snakes. And all that fear and dislike can be linked to the Adam and Eve story. The Same thing is with bacteria. If someone say to you that you have bacteria, you...
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Take Control Over Your Mind and Body

Maybe the title of this story is too much like a science fiction novel. But if you stop and think about it, you can see that humans are unique species on the planet earth. We are the only organism that can use the brain in so different ways. So who say we can not control our mind and body? In Project 10 10 10: Pill...
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True Behind War and Conflicts

Do you ever wonder if the history that you learn in school is real? What if it is fabricated? Many different countries in the world have a slightly different history of the world. Ok, some pieces are same for all countries, but there are many things that are not same. But a story in the documentary "Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick" is very different...
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