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Monthly Archives: August 2015

What Happen to Maya Civilisation

This question is old as the Mayan civilisation. And not even in the 21st century we can't precisely say what happen to them. Maya culture at the time was the biggest and wealthiest civilisation on the earth. They were occupying Central America. Their cities had over 100 000 people. For that time, that was a huge number. Maya people were very spiritual. They believed in...
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Is There a God?

Every living man is asking himself the same question. Is there a God? Who made the world? And the answer to this issue is hard to give. Right now in the world we have two leading religions, Christianity and Islam. There are also other religions, but this two are the largest. So you probably fall into one fo them. But is it true what they...
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Sugar Addiction All Over The World

We are living in a time when people start to care about them self. As well they start to care about other people. Some people care more and some less. But there is still too many people that don't care at all. That's why we are living in an absurd world. Many people have start to care about their health. That why we see so many...
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Mass Media Mind Control

We are living in a time where information is power. Information is actually most valuable thing an individual or corporation can have. Knowing things that other don't know, put you on the top of the food chain. That is the reason there is an information war. Some news are filtered, so people don't know the truth. Some information are planted, so people don't react or...
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