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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Is John Titor Fake

You are probably asking yourself: "Who the hell is John Titor?" If you visit mystery forums or websites, you probably read his name somewhere on that websites. John Titor is a nickname used in discussions in the 2000-01 year by a poster who claimed he was from 2036 year. In his posts, John Titor posted many predictions. Many of them did not happen, but some...
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Hot in November Manipulated by CIA

These days people in Europe are wondering about climate. I can't remember when it was so hot in November. Everyone is confused. People are feeling weird; plants are growing and animals don't know what is going on. This hot climate in November is not normal, and we should ask our self who have an advantage on this hot weather? Immigrants from Syria are using this...
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Why do we have Manipulative Media

Mass media is writing lies over and over again. And with some time this lies become true. Western countries are manipulating media all the time. For years, people were convinced that wars in the Middle East are for democracy and peace. But if you look at numbers you will see that many people lost their lives and that the Middle East region is far from...
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False Flag Doctrine

The term "False Flag" started to be a common term used in forums and portals. Many people use it, and sometimes they don't even know what the word means.

What is the false flag meaning?

False Flag is a term used when an organization or country make some kind of action in the name of other country or group. False Flag is deceiving operations where you really...
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