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Ancient Secret Knowledge Hidden by Illuminati

Ancient Secret Knowledge Hidden by Illuminati

What if our history that we learn in schools is fake? What if everything we know about the human race is wrong? There are many questions. Some of the questions have answers, but many of them don't have. Adam and Eve, Noah, God, Jesus, Allah, Mohamed, what if all of this is wrongly interpreted?

Are you ready to see a different story? Do you even care? Can you keep your mind open until the end of this one-hour video about ancient secret knowledge hidden by Illuminati. This video easy explains why some people are just evil. Some people just have no ethics and have low moral. If you want to find out why is that so, please watch this video or read a book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek. He explains everything in our history. Many people don't agree with him because he go into details and explains everything. The problem is that he don't have real material evidence to back up his claims. If you have an open mind and if you can decide on your own if this story is true or that there is maybe something to it. Even if you are very skeptic and very religious, watch it. At least you will have a good time since the story is very interesting. For a people of high interest in this topic, i suggest reading a book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek. It goes more into detail.

In short, this story is about Lemuria. An ancient land where Lemurians had a calm life. But then Martians and Naacals come to Lemuria. Martians come because they destroyed Mars, and nobody knows where from did Naacals come. Both of this aliens were in the minority to Lemurians. But both of they were advanced than Lemurians. Martians have a great knowledge of material stuff; they were highly technologically advanced, and they have low moral. But since they were in the minority they were not starting wars. Naacals were very spiritual and powerful beings; they could travel trough portals and enter parallel worlds. They all live on Lemuria together. But one day a huge comet was approaching Lemuria. And three species could not decide what to do. There were constant conflicts between this three species. But the main role was in the hand of Martians. Naacals were good and kind even to the evil Martians. What happen with Lemuria you will need to watch in video or read a book. But I will say that we, modern people have all three species inside us, and we just need to decide who will we be? Evil Martians that just want material stuff, Naacals, powerful energy beings that can do magic or simple, naive Lemurians without any power that listen to Martians.

In today's world you can say that big corporations are like Martians, just want more and more and in the process they are destroying the world. Just like Martians destroyed the Mars. But on planet Earth we have other species, powerful Naacals who can easy stop Martians and Lemurians who can follow Naacals. Who will you be?

Watch Secret Ancient Knowledge Hidden by Illuminati:

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