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Anonymous Hacker Wars

Anonymous Hacker Wars

Forgot #occupywallstreet? Well, this new documentary can bring your memory back. Occupy Wall Street was one of the biggest modern protests on the American soil. It has involved over 100 000 people that were demonstrating.

But at the end nothing really happens. Some people got sprayed; some got arrested, but the main goal was not achieved. There is still wealth inequality, political corruption and corporate influence of government. And this was one of the main goals of The Occupy Wall Street movement. So many people got involved, and nothing really changed!

Maybe answer to this can be found in Anonymous Hacker Wars documentary. There is a part about Sabu. One of the furious hackers that were leading the group Lulzsec and Antisec. He was strong and furious. He has taken down many government websites as well as other big dirty corporations websites. But at the end it appears he flipped. He was working for FBI even before The Occupy Wall Street was started. And some people say he was the one that promoted the movement. In other words, he was promoting The Occupy Wall Street protest while being an undercover agent for FBI. That part of the video is weird and unbelievable. How did he manage to take down the site and hack Stratford Global Intelligence website while working for FBI? There is also the part that data from Stratford Global Intelligence were directly downloaded to FBI. In other words, Sabu did a dirty job for feds. Since then Sabu prevented many cyber attacks. The Internet have become real hacker war place. Sabu is also one of the best hackers in the world and seeing him flip over to play for another team is bad news for the fight against totalitarianism. That is the main goal for government, control everything.

A story about Weev, Internet Troll is also funny. He just collected emails from a unsecure server. And by saying unsecure server I mean that he just copied emails that a server provided him in the web browser and handed them over to a public. For doing just that he received 3.5 years in a prison. You can see in the video what they did to him in the prison.

Worst case scenario hit the Jeremy Hammond. He was Sabu partner and probably the best hacker on the world. And not only that, he is the old soul. A young man born in 1985 who sees the world with different eyes. He sees what is wrong with this world, and he acts. Many of you know what is wrong with this world, but you turn your head back.

Jeremy has open many people's eyes. He lost ten years of his life, but he also gained many more supporters. You can call him modern Jesus, only that he will be back with us in 10 years.

There are also other stories in the documentary, but you better watch it and see what is going on in your backyard.

If you wish to read more about Jeremy Hammond visit his website: https://freejeremy.net/ or his community site: http://www.hackthissite.org

Watch Anonymous The Hacker Wars Documentary

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