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Are You a Human Resource

Are You a Human Resource

Did you ever ask yourself a question about life? What is the meaning of the life? You get confused and get a headache. You start thinking about God, the universe, all the people on the earth and how you fit in. But the reality is much worse. What if you are just Human Resource, flesh robot that works for large corporations?

This extremely provocative documentary titled "Human Resources" is talking about working labor. How big companies need a loyal, hard working people that will work at high performance for a night and day. These working people get paid few coins during a big corporations make millions. Ever heard of the term: Taylorism. Taylorism got very popular back in 20th century when all the work was cut down to little jobs. Ford started producing cars on the Taylorism principles. It is effective work that makes a higher quality product with fewer expenses. But most important thing is that people that are working under Taylorism management don't need to be extra smart, in fact, they need to be a little dumb. Because they are doing a repeating job for over 8 hours. You can see in the documentary how Taylorism is linked to Capitalism and how Taylorism management make a big money for corporations. Back then, working class had little rights, and I m not 100% sure those rights are any higher now.

To have a human resources under control, you need to mind control them. Or you need to have a strong behavior management in your corporation. What exactly is behavior management you will see in a video, but in short, it is a reprogramming process. Your brain get stimulated and at some time you are reprogrammed. Most popular public behavior modification is done by Ivan Pavlov and his dog. That why some people call behavior management a Pavlov dog test.

In the "Human Resources." documentary is a lot of talk about mind control and how CIA was doing test on humans. Maybe you hear about LSD test. People were put on LSD drug and agents were monitoring their conditions. Some people were under LSD for years. Some people even say that little children were put on LSD. There are many proofs in the video about mind control. CIA had many tests and some people say that in Guantanamo Bay was a behavior management test done on the captive "terrorists". Fear is also one of the number one factors why mind control is possible. If you release yourself of fear, you can not be mind controlled. But it is hard to be fearless if you watch television every day. The big box is the best tool to control masses. To make them under constant fear. Fear from the enemy, Nazis, Communists, Gays, Lesbians, other religions, you name it. There is constant bombardment on the television about a boogie man. So shut down the TV and say NO MORE.

This documentary is long, its duration is near 2 hours. But it is worth a watching. At least you will see what did USA government do to the USA people and got away with it without any sanctions.

Watch Human Resources - Social Engineering in 20th Century:

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