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Bacteria in Your Body

Bacteria in Your Body

When you hear a word bacteria, you link it to something bad. Mainstream media made bacteria word evil. Just like a snake is an evil animal and many people fear or don't like snakes. And all that fear and dislike can be linked to the Adam and Eve story. The Same thing is with bacteria. If someone say to you that you have bacteria, you would probably want to remove that bacteria out of your body.

But the truth is very different. Our organism is full of bacterias. There are more good bacterias than bad ones. Even the bad ones are good since they are living in our body, and they have an important role in it. Bad things happen when our organism goes out of balance. If you are a regular member of 99cento.com, then you know that stress is number one reason human body goes out of balance. And when that happen, you can expect some medical problems. In Gut Reaction documentary, you can hear many claims. Claims like, without bacteria in your body you will most probably have a shorter life and many health issues. That why you can hear some doctors and scientist say that antibiotics are not good. Especially since some bad doctors are just subscribing them without reason. Antibiotics should be subscribed after you are sure that there is no other way to heal a patient. Antibiotics will kill all the bacterias in your gut. Good or bad, all bacterias will be out of your system after you drink antibiotics. So think twice after your doctor subscribe your antibiotics. Talk to the doctor and see if the antibiotics are necessary. If you think he is the type of doctor that just subscribe antibiotics and move to the next patient, then I suggest changing your doctor fast.

You are probably wondering how to get good bacteria in your organism? It is very easy and very simple thing to do. You just need to change your diet. You need to start eating healthy food and kick out all unhealthy food. No hamburgers, no fast food, no sodas. Drink just water and fill your refrigerator with vegetables and fruit. High fiber food will make your body full of good bacterias. And do you know how much fiber does meat have? You should reduce eating meat, or maybe even kick out meat from your diet. It is easy to say, but it is hard to do. That why, maybe you should also watch a documentary Project 10 10 10: Pill or Perception. And start taking control over your mind and body. You don't want to get sick like some people in Gut Reaction documentary. They need to use someone else poop to get better.

The Gut Reaction documentary is backed up by lots of scientific data. There is a strong link between what you eat and many diseases. There is even a scientific research where you can send your poop and see how much of good or bad bacteria you have. If you send your poop, let us know how did you go.



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