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J. Marvin Herndon Gives Chemtrails Proof and Aluminium Poisoning

J. Marvin Herndon Gives Chemtrails Proof and Aluminium Poisoning

World leading scientist think that we are poisoned by aluminium. Do you believe that we are breathing air without toxic poison? Maybe we should see an opinion of J. Marvin Herndon. He is one of the world leading scientist and highly acclaimed in scientist associations. He came from the University of California. He had published scientific work:“ Aluminium poisoning of humans and earth with secret geoengineering activity“. He approved that aluminium and other substances had been dispersed in the air.

Hard to find Chemtrails Proof

After published studies he gave an interview to Activist Post. In the interview, he told that chemtrails started to interest him in spring of 2014. He saw that intensity of dispersing raised. „Blue sky at once was covered by dark clouds. Like scientist and citizen of San Diego I need to research substances that we are breathing“ said in the interview. Herndon has published his first scientific work on that theme. He made study without anyone help, on his own. Results of his research show that aluminium has been dispersed in the sky as a liquid. There is not just aluminium. He found other dangerous substances like coal ash. Coal ash has significant doses of aluminium, and that cause a lot of diseases. Herndon also said that he informed US National Institute of Health about poisoning. He thinks that they are maybe involved in „poisoning“.

Herndon opinion is that poisoning started with UN report in 1988. He believes that UN is involved for power, control and money. Theory of climatic changes is maybe a cover for „ climate war against humanity“. A lot of money participates in that game. At first geo engineering have been used in agriculture then in the military. And at the end global warming have been devised where someone have political and economic profit.

Herndon wrote in his work that in last ten years or more our planet is exposed to unnatural substances. These substances release poisoned aluminium in our environment. All of that is happening in complete secrecy and without academic research and public opinion. These toxic substances are dangerous for people and planet. Herndon noticed that dispersing liquid from airplanes became a daily occurrence. Sometimes it causes sky being covered by synthesized clouds.

There is not any warning for pregnant women, children, and elder people yet. A research of this scientist is very interesting and we should find some information about this. This is very dangerous and we need to be careful and up to date with latest information.

A famous neurosurgeon about consequences of chemtrails

Herndon is not the only scientist who is researching about aluminium poisoning. There is also Dr. Rusell Blaylock. He is retired american neurosurgeon. He try to show us better understanding about toxic poisoning with his research. Toxic poisoning can be from environment, chemtrails, vaccine, food and water. It is very dangerous for organism, especially for central nervous system. Dr. Blaylock is rare doctor who is conscious of aluminium poison. We are exposed to him every day. He made extraordinary research for all of us. In research he concentrated on chemtrails. He found deadly compounds in sky. „ My main care as neurosurgeon is that I have to inform public and also show them evidence for spraying sky with nano aluminium compounds. It often cause a intense inflammation of many tissues. There is big a effect of these nano particles on brain and spinal cord. There is growing list of degenerative diseases incurred by aluminium poisoning. Disease includes Alzheimer disease, Parkinson diseases, Lou Gherige disease (ALS), etc. Dr. Blaylock is giving us information what these aluminium nano particles can do.

Chemtrails Proof YouTube Video:

Aluminium nano particles are not just inflammatory, yet they can easily penetrate to brain by many routes including blood. His research shows that particles go through odors nerves and act on a part of brain. In that part is produced Alzheimer disease. Nano particles act on progress of disease too. It is dangerous because when a brain is exposed to big quantities of aluminium Alzheimer disease is produced. We are at risk every time when aluminium is released in the air. People breathe aluminium from various age but most dangerous is for pregnant women, children and elder people. Particles can come in our home through windows and stay inside much longer . When they stay longer in our home they produce disease very fast.

Except breathing , aluminium is soaked in earth, water and vegetation. Absorption of aluminium is shown as very dangerous for many organs and tissues. It can cause a very serious inflammation and inflammatory process in the lung. It is very dangerous for children and people with asthma.

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