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False Flag Doctrine

False Flag Doctrine

The term "False Flag" started to be a common term used in forums and portals. Many people use it, and sometimes they don't even know what the word means.

What is the false flag meaning?

False Flag is a term used when an organization or country make some kind of action in the name of other country or group. False Flag is deceiving operations where you really don't know who is the real planner of this operations. False Flag operations exist for a long time. Probably even our far ancestors had the same actions.

False flag operations in history

Many different scenarios were carried out in the history. But mostly this are violent actions with a goal to have an even more violent event, war. Almost all wars had one or more false flags. Even the biggest world war II. But there were false flags with civil unrest were cops disguise as protestors and then initiate the riots. Mostly false flags are used to start a war, throw a government, frame someone or just to make some dirty money on violence.

False flag attacks

Poland Invasion - Nazis faked attacks on their own people and blamed Poland. Few moments later Poland was invaded.

Winter War - SSSR army bombed a village Mainila in 1939 and blamed Finland. This lead to war between SSSR and Finland. Boris Yeltsin admitted that Russia was an aggressor in this Winter War.

CIA in Iran - In 1950 CIA hired Iranians to disguise as communists and plant some bombs to overthrow democratically elected prime minister.

Turks Embassy Bombing - Turkey destroyed they own embassy in Greece to start anti-Greek violence.

The US and UK attacks in Syria - in 1957 US and UK leaders carried several attacks in Syria and blamed Syrian government to overthrow the Syrian regime.

The US blowing they own planes - In 1962 US staff discussed to blow some planes on American soil and blame Fidel Castro, to get a green light to invade Cuba. 2 years before staff suggested a false attack on Guantanamo Bay and accused Fidel Castro. Thankfully none of this attacks were carried.

Vietnam War - NSA said that they manipulated data in Gulf of Tonkin incident, supposedly North Vietnamese ships fired on US ships.

The sinking of Lusitania - Lusitania was the biggest ship at that time. The sinking of Lusitania made the USA enter the World War 1. In that war, big companies from the USA made lots of dollars.

9/11 - as we walk in future and as we see how much money is made on Iraq war, more and more people think that 9/11 was state-sponsored false flag event that lead to war in Iraq. In this pack, Afghanistan was also invaded. And there is even more money made by big USA corporations working in Afghanistan.

Paris Bombing?
Paris Bombing is a recent event, but it have lots of signs that it is possible false flag. Suicide bombers are blamed for being Syrians, but they were actually France born citizens. Syrian passports are found near a suicide bomber. How come a passport didn't explode into pieces when the bomb went off. Also, some news reports were made by Hollywood scenario. Guy saved by mobile cell phone and other supposedly heroic events you can read in the news. But at the same time there was a huge bombing in Beirut and two attacks in Nigeria but without massive media coverage. As well without heroic or strange scenarios from that terroristic attacks.
Only proof for the false flag you can get is when one of the leaders or organizations admit that they carried false flag. False attacks are carried with great disguise, and there is no way you can know that actual event is actually a false flag. You can only think out of the box and see the bigger picture, not the one that media serves you.

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