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Hot in November Manipulated by CIA

Hot in November Manipulated by CIA

These days people in Europe are wondering about climate. I can't remember when it was so hot in November. Everyone is confused. People are feeling weird; plants are growing and animals don't know what is going on. This hot climate in November is not normal, and we should ask our self who have an advantage on this hot weather? Immigrants from Syria are using this hot weather to travel. And according to UNHCR because of so hot weather more than 600 000 people will come to Europe. Europe still does not have a plan for so many immigrants. UN is predicting a big catastrophe. Sea around Greek islands is calm, and temperature on the Balkan route is hot. Because of that it is expected a huge immigration wave this winter. There is high chance that someone planned all this. Someone who don't want to end immigrations from Syria. Someone who would like to destroy Europe with mass migrations.

How To Control Climate Change

Hungarian leader Viktor Orban few weeks ago said that George Soros is controlling migrations from Syria. Soros at one time even confirmed this by saying that he would like to see the world without borders. How come UN knows there will be hot weather and that so many people will come? Probably because they know hot to control climate change.

Many people don't believe that humans can use climate manipulation to their advantage. But Profesor Alan Robock said to media that some CIA consultants contacted him about climate changes. They ask him if people will know or have proof that someone is controlling climate changes in the world. And if we will control the climate of another country, will they know that. Profesor Alan Robock is one of many scientists that works on climate manipulation. He is researching how to change weather using geoengineering techniques. Like creating artificial clouds with the help of airplanes. And he has the plan to send huge mirrors in space and use them to reflect light on the earth. That way we can control heating and cooling of the earth. Alan Robock answered to this consultants; he said that only scientist will be able to recognize if someone is manipulating weather. Robock said that CIA was using weather manipulation before, in Cuba, they used artificial clouds to make a rainy weather that destroyed many crops.

Recently CIA funded a huge report about geoengineering. CIA is one of biggest funding companies of geoengineering. And if they can control weather then this can escalate into conflicts between countries. For example, if one country wants to change the climate in one way, and other countries wants another way. Things can escalate and soon we will be in war.

French Weatherman lost Job Because Talking About Climate Change

It is interesting that one weatherman in France lost his job because he was talking about climate control. Later he writes a book Climate Investigation. In this book, he is talking about many things related to climate manipulation. But also he says that humans are lab rats and that TPTB is using us for their experiments.

See Philippe Verdier on YouTube:

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