1% People have more money than 99%

Iceland Arrest Bankers and Saved Country

Iceland Arrest Bankers and Saved Country

We send away banks and their directors take to court

Every country is forced to be in debt slavery. That country who refuse to be in debt slavery like Syria is suffering because it is part of our system. They are getting people in with psychological manipulations and telling us that is a democracy. We are going to present the truth about a legal robbery. A lot of experts speaks about this crime but John Perkins one of the best economists in the world has a great explanation of happenings around us because he was also a tool of banking elite that destroy our world. He was forced and paid with leaders of MMF, The World Bank and other financial groups to create a new world order and global economy that is based on stealing from us through debt slavery. Whole his experience as paid economic expert wrote in a book „Confessions of an economic hitman“ and he get many reactions because he is the only banker who discover big conspiracy against people. The leader of them are banks with experts. Their population are around 1% of humanity, but they have all money of this world, shown in Oxfam research. I was like a tool for collecting slaves and I need to blackmail country per country with only one goal to take every country and all humanity in debt slavery. There are many more people like him, and they are getting people in that with cheating, lying, blackmailing and robbery. Nobody reacts on this because of lies and deceptions which are placed with dedicated media services, and they are talking of that as bless, but it includes banks and debts.

Iceland- country who defeated debt slavery system

In this hard game of destroying and taking in slavery, all humanity are involved. This small country on the north of Europe showed what means freedom, loyalty and independence without lies and covering debt slavery. It is a country where are people on first place and because of that no one is mentioning Iceland. They showed us how something that we never have seen before, how to send away banks from their country and then arrest bankers. What is more interesting Iceland is now one of the most successful countries in Europe. Before seven years Iceland was at bankruptcy, but today their economy grow up faster than in the United Kingdom. Unemployment is around 4.2%, and it is half of the regular unemployment in Europe. They do not let other to take everything from their people, yet they are based on truth and loyalty. Iceland refuse to be part of debt slavery and reject oligarchy. They let banks collapse, and their directors are taken by the court. Instead of saving measurements they raise tax and rich are paying more to the government, that money they use to invest in poor people.

More About Jailed Bankers on Iceland:

„We have not followed usually solutions for solving our financial collapse. Instead, we refuse to spend money for the profit of private banks“, said in an interview with European news Politico President of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson also adds „ They wanted from us to follow rules of European governments and financial groups but they shown as bad in all ways including democracy, politic, economy and even justice.“ Other countries should take this example how to run away from slavery and debts but we can not find anything in media, and the situation about Iceland does not appear in the news.

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