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Is The Bible Censored?

Is The Bible Censored?

Banned from the Bible is an interesting documentary. In this documentary, you can hear many theories, but also see many proofs. In today's modern world, many people left the church. They also forgot the God.

Now I won't talk about God. I know this thing can be debatable. There are many Gods and many religions in today's world. But if you look at the history of mankind, you can see there were many more Gods. And nobody worships this old god. But in Banned from the Bible documentary we can see some hidden, banned or let say forbidden books. Book of Enoch is one of the most interesting books. It was not included in the bible. Maybe because it was talking about fallen angels and fight between God and fallen angels. Fallen angels were mating with humans and God did not like that. But there are many other interesting chapters in the documentary.

The chapter about Adam and Eve is also described in a different way. There is more information about Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel. How Cain had incest with his mother. Things like that are left from the Bible.

My favorite part is about Jesus.
How he needed to grow. How was he very bad boy when he was young. He was performing miracles at the age of 5. Supposedly he killed his friend by pushing him off the cliff. But also he resurrects him after.
After he had resurrected him, he asks him: "did I push you?"
Of course poor boy answered: "NO, you didn't push me."

But with time Jesus realize that he have powers, and he decided to use them for doing good. So he started to perform only good miracles. The interesting part about Jesus is, about his resurrection. He was never a human. So he was laughing at people that kill him and crucified him because he was not dead. Same can be said that he was not born as a human. That why we have a story that Virgin Maria give him birth. But in some ancient texts we can see that eh had sisters and brothers older than him. This kind of details is also left from Bible.

It appears Bible was censored and only parts that the writers of the bible like are put in the Bible. Supposedly they left all controversial parts that can send a wrong message to the people. An especially message about heaven and hell. There is no hell. There are old texts that say that God will send bad people to hell, but they will be there shortly and will be allowed to enter a heaven. Also, Heaven is not some place like we imagine. Heaven is a place where people will rest for the rest of their lives. In religion and church that is not so good thing. If all people go to heaven and sinners will not be punished, why would people be good?

Maybe we are living in hell now on earth and after we die we will go to heaven. Nobody can confirm that. But it is up to you who will you believe, censored Bible with only information that are appropriate for their belief system or will you take all the data in context and decide on your own? It is up to you.

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