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Is There a God?

Is There a God?

Every living man is asking himself the same question. Is there a God? Who made the world? And the answer to this issue is hard to give. Right now in the world we have two leading religions, Christianity and Islam. There are also other religions, but this two are the largest. So you probably fall into one fo them. But is it true what they teach you?

There is God

Recently scientist releases a "Big Bang Theory", claiming that everything was made in one big bang. That theory supports that everything was made by accident. There are also many other scientific theories that support no existence of God. They support the idea that everything is made by accident when particular events occurred. But there is one scientific hypothesis that was released not long time ago. The theory that we live in an artificial world. A matrix world, just like in the famous movie Matrix. So if we are living in a matrix, artificial world, then we know that someone created that world. It is possible that this world was created by aliens, but it is also possible that this world was made by a higher being, creator. Support for this theory is found in computers. Right now our computers are possible creating various artificial simulations of life. In hundred of years or even less we would be able to create complex simulations of life. So there is a high chance that some other beings (Gods, Aliens) have already known this technology and simulated our life on earth.

Who is God?

Evolution vs. God is entirely opposite documentary where evangelical leader Ray Comfort is challenging professors and students with short questions. He challenges them well and have a point in some parts. He seeks for a living proof that we humans evolved. Of course nobody can give him that proof because this is just a theory, just like theory with an artificial simulation of the world. He has a point when he says that our space and planet earth is a very complex system. It is hard to believe that this system, complex as it is, is just accidentally created with a big bang. Because if you just remove one variable from this system, life will most probably not be possible.

Watch Short Documentary Evolution vs. God:

In short, both theories, evolution and creationism are based on faith. Evolution can be called a scientific religion. There are no proofs, just theories. And you need to believe in them. So if you require believing then, that is faith, not a fact. Most probably we will never solve this dogma. So why to bother with it. Follow your heart and believe what your heart tells you. Don't believe what other people want to seed in you. Many religions are aggressive when seeking for new members. Be smart and always have an open mind. Maybe some day science will make a proof if there is really a God. There are strong indications that it is possible that someone created everything, but there is still no evidence.

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