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Is John Titor Fake

Is John Titor Fake

You are probably asking yourself: "Who the hell is John Titor?" If you visit mystery forums or websites, you probably read his name somewhere on that websites. John Titor is a nickname used in discussions in the 2000-01 year by a poster who claimed he was from 2036 year. In his posts, John Titor posted many predictions. Many of them did not happen, but some of them may be true. But he said that it is possible that he is living in different parallel time. So what happen to him, may not happen to us, at least not in the same scenarios like it happen to him.

Who is John Titor

John Titor was a soldier from the future. He was appointed by US Government to travel back in time and retrieve IBM 5100 computer. IBM 5100 was needed in future to debug some computer programs. Today we think that may be 2038 year problem with UNIX. He also tries to alert people to "Mad Cow" disease spreading by eating beef products.

Many of his predictions did not come true at the same date he predicted them. But some of them were pretty close to come to true. Like he said last Olimpic games will be in 2004, this almost happen. In 2008, there were big riots in Tibet and Olimpic games in 2008 almost got postponed.
He predicted civil war in the USA in 2005. Now is 2015, and there is still no sign of any war, but we see on the news riots all over the America. Also, you remember Occupy Wall Street. Every year USA citizens lose some of they freedom. We remember how the government tries to control the internet.

Will CERN make Time Travel Machine

Interesting predictions are about CERN LHC. John Titor said that CERN will find micro black holes aka micro-singularity. These micro black holes are used in his time machine and with them he bends the time. If you are reading news about CERN, then you know that they are playing with the fire. They are looking deeper than those black holes mentioned by John Titor so it is possible that they will find micro-singularity. I know there were saying that CERN already made micro black holes. And if you open your mind and ask yourself what for is LHC made? And is it possible that LHC is actually a time machine? They say to us that they are looking for micro atoms and particles that we don't know. But what if they are actually trying to open a door to travel trough time.

Most interesting prediction of John Titor is World War 3 in which three billions of people will die. Is it possible that World War 3 will happen in 2015. Today we are closer than ever to World War 3. Russian military jet was shoot down few days ago by Turkey army. Now we see news and read that Turkey is not going to apologize for this drastic move. And Russians are waiting, how long can they wait?

HowStuffWorks made an amazing short video about John Titor. Check it out and decide on your own if Titor is real or fake.

John Titor is still a mystery. Many debunkers say that John Titor is a hoax, fake, but many people and even some scientists believe that what he was saying may be true.

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