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Mass Media Mind Control

Mass Media Mind Control

We are living in a time where information is power. Information is actually most valuable thing an individual or corporation can have. Knowing things that other don't know, put you on the top of the food chain. That is the reason there is an information war. Some news are filtered, so people don't know the truth. Some information are planted, so people don't react or respond in a predicted way. That why more and more people think that mainstream media companies are controlled. They are controlled by big corporations or people that rule the world.

The interesting part of this story is that all US mainstream media companies are now owned by few big corporations. So when you have a monopoly on the market, you can fix the price. In news job, this means, you can set the story. There is a compelling documentary made by Danny Schechter, one of the biggest media critics in the world. He criticizes media companies by not covering the truth. In wars, media companies avoid reporting the dirty truth that happen nd instead focus on something that is not relevant. But that nonrelevant thing will bring profit in a long run. Also, they avoid reporting things that can do harm to their profit. So in short it is all based on money. They say things that will make money and avoid things that will not make money.
In Iraq war, this filtered reporting hit the roof. There were so many bad stories and so many filtered stories that people should know, but media companies just did not report them.

You can watch this full documentary over at YouTube for free:

As you see, you are mind controlled. News that is served to you is artificially created and is there to control you. In war times, you can see that there was a huge war propaganda, before the war, during the war and after the war. There are several proofs that 9/11 was also falsely reported by media. That why we have some absurds in the news that are not yet explained.

Primary mind controls are done trough TV box. All people watch television, and some of them watch it for several hours. There are many ways to control you if you watch TV. Every time you see a commercial on the TV, you are mind controlled. But you can also be mind controlled by listening to music, surfing the Internet or simply by reading a book. But the biggest tool for mass control is a television.

So you are probably asking yourself: "What can I do?"
You can shut down TV, stop surfing and reading. But this will make you dumb in a long run because we are living in an information age. So you need knowledge. But the good news is that you read this post, now you know or at least have an idea what is going on. If you know your enemy, you can recognize him. So next time you watch TV, try to see a mind control messages, try to see subliminal messages. Elites love to plant those subliminal messages. Subliminal messages work on some people. Mainly on low education people and this messages are intended for them. Try to recognize them. By training yourself to recognize this parts of mind control messages you will soon be able to identify them automatically. That is how you set yourself free.

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