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Sugar Addiction All Over The World

Sugar Addiction All Over The World

We are living in a time when people start to care about them self. As well they start to care about other people. Some people care more and some less. But there is still too many people that don't care at all. That's why we are living in an absurd world.

Many people have start to care about their health. That why we see so many stuff labeled as unhealthy. Smoking is forbidden almost on the whole planet. Everyone knows how smoking is unhealthy. Drinking alcohol is also labeled as dangerous for your body and mind. Many people have stopped drinking and smoking. Now people are concerned about what they eat. We hear on television and read in magazines that processed food is bad for you. But nobody says what is so bad in processed food.

In this new release documentary: "That Sugar Film" by Damon Gameau we see how sugar is unhealthy. Damon Gameau have dedicated 60 days to test sugar influence on his body. He was living a healthy life, and now he decided to start eating processed food. He didn't eat trash fast food. He was eating all-natural food, but food that is processed. Processed food has sugar added. Some processed food has lots of sugar. Like soda drinks. Soda drinks contain huge amounts of sugar. In the documentary, you can see what soda drinks do to kids teeth. But they can not stop drinking it because sugar is an addiction. Your brain just wants that shot and want to feel good. You can get addicted to sugar pretty fast. Actually the whole world is addicted to sugar. And big companies use that addiction to selling you a cheap, unhealthy product. They just mix something up and add lots of sugar and people will love it. There is a full science of how much sugar is optimum in the food.

But the real problem in the added sugar is fructose. Fructose is found in fruit. But don't panic, fruit is still healthy. You can eat as much as you can. Fructose that is added is dangerous. It is dangerous because it is added in large numbers. Like one soda contains fructose like 30 bananas. Do you know anyone who can eat 30 bananas?

Even some scientists are paid to say that sugar is healthy and that there are no concerns for your health. So you keep using the same products that are loaded with hidden sugar. Damon Gameau proved that his body had changed. He proved that he got addicted to sugar, because after 60 days when he stopped eating processed food full of sugar he had depression. He survives, but doctors that were following him got a clear data that he could easy ruin his life. He could get diabetes or other dangerous food related disease.

Damon Gameau also talks with a company representative and ask him why they put so much sugar in their food. The answer was simple but scary. Companies representative said that people love to eat sweet food. There is a huge demand for this food. And company only cares about money. If people are buying it, why not to sell them. So it is not their problem. It is folks problem. They need to know that processed food is bad for them, and they need to start using healthy products. Only then will this big multimillion companies serve us a healthy meal.

Trailer for That Sugar Film over at YouTube:

Watch the documentary. I m sure you will like it. It is rated 7/10 on IMDB.com. You will learn something about food, and you will have fun watching this documentary.

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