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Mass Media Mind Control

We are living in a time where information is power. Information is actually most valuable thing an individual or corporation can have. Knowing things that other don't know, put you on the top of the food chain. That is the reason there is an information war. Some news are filtered, so people don't know the truth. Some information are planted, so people don't react or...
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Zeitgeist Trilogy

Of course, I m talking about Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist makes a big shock to the world. Millions of people have watched this videos, and millions of people were hurt. They were hurt because Zeitgeist was touching everyone: religious people, rich people, and powerful people. But my favorite part was a story about big corporations and Ponzi scheme systems we use in today's world. Zeitgeist is a trilogy....
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True Behind War and Conflicts

Do you ever wonder if the history that you learn in school is real? What if it is fabricated? Many different countries in the world have a slightly different history of the world. Ok, some pieces are same for all countries, but there are many things that are not same. But a story in the documentary "Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick" is very different...
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