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Is The Bible Censored?

Banned from the Bible is an interesting documentary. In this documentary, you can hear many theories, but also see many proofs. In today's modern world, many people left the church. They also forgot the God. Now I won't talk about God. I know this thing can be debatable. There are many Gods and many religions in today's world. But if you look at the history of...
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Anonymous Hacker Wars

Forgot #occupywallstreet? Well, this new documentary can bring your memory back. Occupy Wall Street was one of the biggest modern protests on the American soil. It has involved over 100 000 people that were demonstrating. But at the end nothing really happens. Some people got sprayed; some got arrested, but the main goal was not achieved. There is still wealth inequality, political corruption and corporate influence...
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Zeitgeist Trilogy

Of course, I m talking about Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist makes a big shock to the world. Millions of people have watched this videos, and millions of people were hurt. They were hurt because Zeitgeist was touching everyone: religious people, rich people, and powerful people. But my favorite part was a story about big corporations and Ponzi scheme systems we use in today's world. Zeitgeist is a trilogy....
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