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Take Control Over Your Mind and Body

Take Control Over Your Mind and Body

Maybe the title of this story is too much like a science fiction novel. But if you stop and think about it, you can see that humans are unique species on the planet earth. We are the only organism that can use the brain in so different ways. So who say we can not control our mind and body? In Project 10 10 10: Pill or Perception documentary you can see people saying how they changed their lives by taking control over their mind and body.

In this very provoking documentary, you will see many experienced doctors and scientist. All of them agree that you can control your thoughts and in that way you can control your body. You should not look at a body as one organ. The human body is living community of many organisms. We have trillions of bacteria in our body. Many viruses that are living inside us right now. In Gut Reaction documentary, you can see how good and bad bacteria in our body are fighting every day. And the use of antibiotics is a nuclear bomb on your body.

Scientists in this documentary have linked this bacterias and viruses to the illness. But not everyone will get sick. Only people that are out of balance are getting sick. And the main reason people get out of balance is stress. Stress is linked to many medical problems in humans and is probably number one reason people get sick. To reduce stress you need to control thoughts and by controlling thoughts you control the mind. And if you control the mind, you control the body. That why in today's modern world many people turn to meditation. People meditate to get calm, to forget about daily problems and to stop to think about future or the past. Meditation is the best stress relief technique. You don't need to pay any money to do it. Just read few meditation guides online (free ones) and lay down and relax. Or if you like a simple meditation, all you need to do is lay down on the floor. Don't fight the thoughts, if your brain starts to think about anything, process it and move on. Usually after 15 minutes you will be done with processing information. After that, you can focus on breathing. Breath normally, after each, exhale you should relax your body. I suggest you lay on the floor and after each exhale you should let your body slip into the floor. If you fall sleep is not the best meditation session, but it is not the worst either. But usually you should be awake while meditating. Awake, but fully rested.

Some of the people in this documentary will say something that is counter effective with your beliefs. Things like your body can heal on its own. Things like you don't need a medication to heal yourself. The theory about healing process is amazing. And I think it is probably true. But I would not suggest an average person just to wait for the miracle healing. But if you are a person that lives in a balanced way. You eat only healthy food without any processed food. If you drink only water and meditate every day. Then you can probably let your body heal itself. But living the balanced life is hard in today's modern world.

Please watch this documentary with an open mind. Leave every thought about it at the door and just see what these people are saying. Maybe your life will change for the better after this.

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