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Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

Every day new conspiracy theory is born. When people get bored, they can tell fascinating stories. The human brain has unlimited capacity to fantasize. But in the sea of conspiracy theories every day we see an old conspiracy theory turning to be true. What is the truth is sometimes hard to tell, official scenarios can be right, but as well conspiracy theory can be a truth as well?

Here are top ten most famous conspiracy theories. These theories are still just theories, and not one of hem is confirmed by officials. Probably we will never get proof of them, but maybe with time we will get the truth.

These are 10 Conspiracy theories

1. 9/11 Attack
Sadly, many people lost their lives in this event. Many innocent people lost their lives during the attack, and many more lost their lives as a direct consequence of the attack. The official version is that Osama Bin Laden is blamed for attacks. But there are many other conspiracy theories about this. One of them says that U.S. government destroyed buildings as an inside job.

My View is that these conspiracy theories have pretty good questions that are still not answered and by that it is highly possible that there is something smelly behind this attacks.

2. Apollo Moon Landing in 1969
Moon landing in 1969 is one of the crazy conspiracy theories about the fake moon landing. Some people think that moon landing never happen. That everything was filmed in the studio. The reason for this is, so the USA wins the moon race.

My View is neutral. I m not an expert in the field, but I know that in 1969 technology was funny. And to pull off the moon landing in that year or even several years later sounds like a crazy experiment. Many questions indicate that this moon landing video is weird and possibly fake aka made in the studio.

3. Roswell UFO Crash in 1947
Maybe one of the top conspiracy theories, so we can call this theory as a mother of all conspiracy theories. In 1947 weird debris was found on the ground in Roswell, New Mexico. Press first release the news as UFO crash landed. But soon there was a new press release saying that this was a weather balloon. People got crazy about UFO-s and aliens and needed to get calm down. So military release a follow-up press release saying that this was secret atmospheric balloon experiment where they used a crash test dummies. That why some witness said they have seen dead alien bodies.

My View is positive on this one. I highly believe something weird happen back there. And the official report is funny, first they release one news and then they just release second news as the cover up to put everything under the bed. Of course there are no material proofs, this happens so long time ago. But if you follow the story you can see that something is not right with the official story.

4. Secret Society Ruling The World
When you first read about this theory, you thought it is bollocks. But the theory about secret societies ruling the world is maybe one of the most possibles theories that are true or will turn to be truth in near future. There is real secret society out there, Illuminati, Freemasons, Skull and Bones and many others. Maybe some of this names sound fictional. But let me tell you about one secret society that is not secret but they rule the world. It is called G8. They have meetings several times per year; you even see reports about them on your television. But only them know what is going on in this secret meetings. And don't you dare to say that they are not ruling the world.

My view is that this is a very real theory. Maybe not in the way conspiracy theories wrote on the internet that involves Illuminati and Satan rituals, but it is very real when you see G8 meeting deciding what to do next.

5. Crop Circles Theory
This theory goes hand in hand with Roswell UFO crashing. Because if one of them is true then it is high chance the other is true as well. Same goes if one of them is fake, then both are fake. Crop circles are supposedly made by UFO. I say supposedly, because several people were caught doing this crop circles and by that every crop circle ever made was marked fake. But if you just go and search for them you will see that many of them are impossible to be made with human hands. Some of this crop circles are too artistic.

My view about this theory is real. Real because I have seen pictures of crop circles that will make you ask yourself; "Did God himself made this crop circles?".

6. MKULTRA CIA Mind Control Project
MKULTRA is the biggest conspiracy theory. It is old and is a no longer theory. It was just theory from 1953 up to until 2001. In 2001, the Senate made CIA documents about MKULTRA declassified. That means that this theory is now the fact. There were experiments on mind control. Now I m not sure if they were successful or not or if that is somewhere inside the documents, but I know if they were successful they will not tell us about it.

7. Atlantis a Lost Island
Now this one is a pretty fascinating theory. It talks about us, humans. The story talks about our long lost ancestors. Now there are many stories about Atlantis because all philosophers like to write about it. But the creator of Atlantis story was Plato. But the question is where from did Plato get his crazy inspiration.

My view on this is neutral. I like to stay open-minded and back in that time when the story of Atlantis was fresh it is highly possible that there were many undiscovered Islands. And maybe with time this island sunk.

8. Water Fluoridation
This one is almost a fact. There are scientific researches that if you drink fluoride to water for longer periods your mind and body will not be the same. Even Nazis used fluoride in water to place people in concentration camps in the submissive and calm state. So the theory behind water fluoridation is that government wants calm and quiet people. People who will not revolt. And I can say they are doing a good work. The world is full of shit, and nobody bothers with that, nobody asks questions, and nobody revolts.

9. Death of Princess Diana
It was a sad day when Lady Di had a car accident. She was driving with her lover boy Dodi Al Fayed when they had an accident. She died, but Dodi Al Fayed survived. Many conspiracy believers think that British Royal family was behind this accident. They didn't like that Princess Diana was having an affair. Also, Prince Charles wanted to remarry.

My view on this is neutral. I can hardly believe this story because if royal family did this, then they must be reptilians, and I don't believe in reptilians.

10. The Shapeshifting Reptilians Rule The World
Created by David Icke. David Icke is a businessman who did a whole business from all kind of conspiracy theories. So that can put you on an edge that this one is fake. He claims that reptilians are shapeshifters and that they are our presidents, CEOs of big corporations, famous people that win Grammy's and Oscar's. And their primary goal is to enslave the human race. I know many country leaders are insane, and all they care is about power and money. But they are not reptilians, they are just dictators that are using people to feed them self with money and power.

My view is, not correct. I have an open mind, but yet I can't eat this crap.

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