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True Behind War and Conflicts

True Behind War and Conflicts

Do you ever wonder if the history that you learn in school is real? What if it is fabricated? Many different countries in the world have a slightly different history of the world. Ok, some pieces are same for all countries, but there are many things that are not same. But a story in the documentary "Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick" is very different from what you have learned in the schools.

The documentary starts with World War 1 and why did this war happen. Then it explains to you who are the main characters in this war. Francis Richard Conolly will explain you everything. He will show you the real boogie man. He names the actual actors of the war. And what is true about this history documentary is that you can verify all the claims. You can go and see who made a biggest profit in World War 1. And how this same person or maybe we should call them corporations are making money in every single war and conflict since World War 1. At some point, you will think that this documentary makes no sense. But please watch it until the end and you will surely connect the dots. The weirdest part of the story is about Nazis. About Hitler, who was funded by big corporations from USA. But he was also very connected with European Royal families. Hitler army was the largest private army in the world. Some companies in USA made millions of dollars in this war. Director of this documentary even states that Hitler is not the creator of Nazism. He names the true Nazis who are live even today, and whose companies are seeking new war to make the profit.

An interesting story is about John Fitzgerald Kenedy. That story is very interesting and maybe for first time you will see that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the only man guilty of killing JFK. Francis Richard Conolly claims that there is CIA behind JFK murder. Well, maybe you read somewhere else this claims about CIA. But in this documentary everything is well explained. It is explained how there were more than one shooters. And it also explains from where did come the deadly shoot. Also, there are actual videos with detailed explanations of what happen. The reason for killing a President JFK is money. He wanted to end the Vietnam war. But that will make big companies in USA lose money. He was also fighting the corruption in politics. Of course, his honesty and justice were not good for some people. Director of this documentary lists 20 people that wanted a JFK dead.

In the documentary, you can see links between mafia and CIA. How mafia is connected with CIA and how these two companies are acting and working on same principles. At the end of the video, you will see 9/11 story and who made a profit from 9/11. I will not talk about 9/11 because wounds are still fresh. But if someone makes a million of dollars because of this event, you can at least think that there is something more to it. Where is smoke there is usually a fire too.

This documentary is long, more than 3 hours of watching. So if you decide to watch it, you should have open mind and watch it until the end. This documentary can make you see how this world truly is. You can see who rules the world.

Watch JFK to 9/11 Everything a Rich Man's Trick:

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