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True is Sometimes Painful

True is Sometimes Painful

In this article, I would like to talk about speciesism, veganism and Earthlings. "Earthlings" is a documentary that is banned in some countries. It is also banned in USA. And by knowing that, you should watch it and see why it is banned.

Or I can tell you right here, why is this documentary banned. The meat industry is one of the biggest businesses in USA as well as in other countries. The meat industry is making a huge profit from animals. They produce animals and sell them to people to eat. And the process of producing meat is more ugly than you can even imagine. Many people or I should say a majority of people don't care from where did this meat come. They just want to eat those burgers and bacon. If they could only know. After you watch this documentary, it will be hard for you to eat meat. But many people are on a low level of consciousness, and they will ignore the message, or they will not even receive the message. The meat industry is not the only business corporation that makes money from animals. Pet breeding and selling are also businesses where animals are not treated like they should be treated. Pets that did not get sold are killed in the most brutal way.

In Earthlings, you will see many hidden camera footages of meat farms. You will see what is happening with animals that are there to be slaughtered. Once you see that, can you connect this with slavery. Our animals being our slaves? If you can watch in far future, let say 100 years in future, do you really believe we will eat meat? Do you really believe we will breed animals to slaughter them so some people can taste the addicting meat taste? People in 22th century will look at us as savages. I don't want to be a savage, what about you?

If you can feel compassion for other species that share the earth with you, then you should watch this documentary and see what is happening in your own backyard. Whenever you buy meat, you should know that your money is making this happening. If you buy pets in a store, you are promoting pain for animals that did not get sold. If you can't feel anything for other species on the planet then maybe this documentary can help you to awake your consciousness. You can change, humans are capable of changing. If you stop eating meat, you won't die. Don't believe them. There are many humans that don't eat meat, and they are healthier than meat eaters. You don't need to be vegan; you don't need to be part of the group. But please don't blindly support the big corporations that make money from abusing animals for profit.

Joaquin Phoenix is the narrator of the movie, and he says: "OF ALL THE FILMS I HAVE EVER MADE, THIS IS THE ONE THAT GETS PEOPLE TALKING THE MOST."

I know it is hard to make big changes in your life, but this one is up to you. Nobody forces you, except maybe your consciousness. Now it is up to you if you will listen or ignore.

You can watch Earthlings for free over at YouTube:

This video is age restricted. Kids should not see how they food is made. But there is no age restrictions to eat that food. Seriously, what is wrong with this world?!

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