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Why do we have Manipulative Media

Why do we have Manipulative Media

Mass media is writing lies over and over again. And with some time this lies become true. Western countries are manipulating media all the time. For years, people were convinced that wars in the Middle East are for democracy and peace. But if you look at numbers you will see that many people lost their lives and that the Middle East region is far from peaceful. World War 3 is at our doors. USA and NATO are destroying middle east and not liberating like mass media is trying to teach us. Today we have war in Europe, but manipulations continue. We are told that military forces are defending us, but the reality is different. They can't defend us from guerilla attacks. And that is not even they job. Their agenda is to keep people in fear to bring more drastic security laws. And the ultimate goal is total control of all people.

Many journalists spoke about mass media manipulation. But most important whistleblower about manipulative media is Amber Lyon. Amber Lyon worked for CNN. But she quit her job because CNN wanted that she writes lies. She was suspecting that in media is not always the true. But when she was told to write lies she had a proof. She was reporting about Bahrein situation. In 2011, she wrote a story about systematic torture and killings of people that were peacefully protesting. But her story was stopped by USA and Bahrein government. Lyon risked her life to writing a true story about Bahrein, but at same time CNN pays another journal to write a paid story about Bahrein leaders and describe them like peaceful democratic reformers. As soon as she realizes that USA and Bahrein government paid CNN to turn brutal regime and massacre into democracy, she knows that it is time to quit her job. She knows that this is not journalism, that this is mass media manipulation. Later she found out that China and other countries were paying CNN to spread manipulative lies. You can see her Bahrain iRevolution on YouTube.
Amber Lyon was interviewed by Alex Jones:

Udo Ulfkotte is European Whistleblower About Mass Media Manipulations

Ulfkotte was in journalism for over 25 years. He worked for biggest German media corporations. He talks about World War 3 and how mainstream media is trying to drag all humanity into war with their propaganda.

Udo Ulfkottesad that he was trained how to lie in his articles, how to make true from lies. He wrote a book about how media works in Europe. He said that American and European mainstream media was writing lies to provoke a war with Russia. He admits and he is not proud of writing lies, but he don't want a new war, and that is the reason he stand up and tell the true about manipulative media. He said he had strict orders to write nice about USA, CIA, NSA and bad about Russia. But instead he writes a book, not to make money, but to tell the truth to the whole world. Udo Ulfkotte writes many books. His most popular book is Gekaufte Journalisten.

You can see what he is saying over at YouTube:

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