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Zeitgeist Trilogy

Zeitgeist Trilogy

Of course, I m talking about Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist makes a big shock to the world. Millions of people have watched this videos, and millions of people were hurt. They were hurt because Zeitgeist was touching everyone: religious people, rich people, and powerful people. But my favorite part was a story about big corporations and Ponzi scheme systems we use in today's world.

Zeitgeist is a trilogy. You need to watch it in order because I think that is the best. But if you don't like some parts you can skip them. So here is short review what is in the videos:

1. Zeitgeist The Movie
In this first video, you can see a very controversial ideas. The idea that Jesus Christ is just a myth. This part of the movie made lots of Christians angry, and they just deny it. I know there are debunking websites that did debunk some of the claims in this part. But it is up to you to investigate and find what is true. It is not so easy to find a true by just watching the video or reading a book. You ned to have critical thinking and find a true by yourself.

After that, there is a talk about 9/11 being an inside job. This story shocked many patriotic USA citizens. Discussing a religion that is found thousands of years ago is one thing, and God knows what is true. But touching something that is so fresh as few years ago is another. Many people were angry. But to tell you the truth, you don't need to watch Zeitgeist to know that something smells rotten in this 9/11 attack.

And Third part is about New World Order. About people that want to rule the world (actually they are already ruling). If you watch this close and see what is going on you can see that it makes sense. That Asia is now slavery field for big corporations.

2. Zeitgeist: Addendum
The first part of the video talks about banks and how they make money. Also, it talks about debts and how countries all over the world can't pay back a loan they take. A real true story is Greece. Greece can not pay a debt.

The second part is about an economic hitman. People that corporations send to bribe leaders of countries to make a better deal. This part of the video is confession of an ex-hitman, and it is pretty interesting to hear what did this guy do.

The third part is my favorite. It is about The Venus Project. Jacque Fresco is the founder of Venus Project, and his ideas are unique. Some people call him Utopian, but I think he just wants to create a better earth.

The fourth part gives you some instructions what you can do. We small people can not do much. But we can do some little things that can mean a lot if done by a lot of people.

3. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
Probably the best part of all films in the series is talking about human behavior, and it debates how our lives are influenced from the first day we are born. It is very well done, and you must see this part, especially if you liked the first two.

All films were done by Peter Joseph. He is an American Musician, Filmmaker, Author and Social Activist.

You can see his Interview below here:

If you decide to watch this videos, keep one thing in your mind. Don't believe everything you see. Use your brain and think critically. If you are not sure about something, dig up the internet and try to find more valuable information.

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